Hiya! Thank you for stumbling across my first post on my brand new blog! As you can probably tell from my sidebar, my name's ...


Thank you for stumbling across my first post on my brand new blog! As you can probably tell from my sidebar, my name's Lucy, I'm 21 years old and a (not so) recent psychology graduate.

When I started university, I knew next to nothing about blogs. I used to read a few here and there but I wasn't as obsessed with bloggers as I am now! Over the past three years, I spent a lot of time (probably too much if we're being honest) reading blogs and I thought that now all my 'studying' (read: partying) has stopped, this is a good a time as any to start my own! 

My favourite blogs to read are those about plus size fashion and beauty - so I can probably tell you now that they are what I will write about most! Although I'm sure you can expect a fair few 'lifestyle' posts as well. I also love reading interior design blogs, and I moved in to a little flat in Leeds with my boyfriend last summer and we are in the process of making it our own. I'm rather enjoying the challenge, so I'm also looking forward to sharing with you some of the little corners of our flat. 

As this is my first post, I thought I'd let you know a few things about me.

Firstly, I'm a massive music lover. I love everything from hip hop to hard rock, I have no real preference in that regard. I also love going to see live music - one of the main attractions of Leeds to me was that the gig scene is so good here! 

Secondly, I love singing. It's one of my absolute favourite things to do, I find sitting down at my keyboard and just singing along to whatever chords I'm playing the most relaxing thing ever. I have a few covers of songs uploaded to SoundCloud, though they're currently private. Maybe if I get brave enough I'll post them here for you! At university I was a member of a few choirs, and I would love to join one in Leeds, so I'll keep you posted on that!

One of my other interests is photography (hence the photo up at the top), though that's been on the back burner recently. I'm hoping that blogging will inspire me to go out with my camera and take some nice shots! If you want, you can check out my Flickr, where I've posted some of my favourite photos that I've taken. 

I think like any person in their twenties, I'm a self confessed netflix addict! At the minute, I'm watching Prison Break, The Walking Dead and House. Anyone else watch loads of TV shows at once? Haha.

Finally, I have to talk about my love for Harry Potter. Honestly, I'm a bit nuts on it, to the extent that I once got a whole article written about me in a national newspaper because of a poem I wrote about Harry Potter when I was 8 (maybe if there's interest I'll post the poem, it’s a CORKER). It was for a competition to meet JK Rowling at midnight on the day that Order of the Phoenix went on sale. I didn’t win, but I was one of the runner’s up so I got a box set of the first 4 books and 50 pound’s worth of WH Smith vouchers! I've got tickets to see The Cursed Child in August, and you'd better believe I'm counting down the days!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better and I hope you'll stick around for future blog posts. If you fancy a chat, I'm on Twitter every day, and you can also follow me on Instagram if you want! I'm also on Bloglovin', if you want to follow my blog on there.

See you soon,

Lucy xx

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