LouiseLIVE 2016: My Experience & Review!

On Friday (19th August), I went to see Louise Pentland (Sprinkle of Glitter) perform her live show LouiseLIVE in Leeds! If you've r...

On Friday (19th August), I went to see Louise Pentland (Sprinkle of Glitter) perform her live show LouiseLIVE in Leeds!

If you've read my blog post on the lace dress from her clothing line with SimplyBe (link), you'll know I'm a huge fan of Louise! I've been lucky enough to meet her a total of six (!!) times now, and every time she's been absolutely lovely!

I managed to get a VIP ticket for her show, which cost around £40. For that price, you get the opportunity to meet Louise before the show, where you can have a chat, take pictures and she will also sign things if you bring them. VIPs also get a gift, at last year's show it was a signed poster, this year we also got one of those and a super cute tote bag! You also get seats at the front of the theatre.

Meeting Louise was lovely as usual, we had a little chat (about cats, duh), she signed my copy of her brand new 2017 diary, and of course we took some selfies! After meeting her, I was given an envelope, and in it was a hand written note (on very nice stationery may I add... paper had a good weight) inviting me on stage during the show!

Now on to the show itself. It was clear as soon as you saw the stage that so much time had gone in to making the show. I loved the set up, very professional looking and clearly improved on from last year. (not that there was anything wrong with last year's set up) The back drop was like the background of one of Louise's videos - her bed, complete with cushions, fairy lights and even Zula the cat! Before Louise came on a video was played which was a compilation of lots of Louise's videos which I really enjoyed. 

I won't give too much away on the details of the show as the show is being recorded to be released on DVD this October, so I don't want to ruin the surprise. But I can say it was hilarious! If you've ever watched Louise's videos (her vlog channel especially), you'll know she's a very funny woman. There's something about the way she tells stories that has the audience in stitches. Last year's show had a lot of different elements, which were all great, but it was clear that this time round the show was primarily a 'comedy show', which I think worked really well and went down wonderfully with the audience. I especially liked the impromptu banter with certain members of the audience, especially the 'drunk' mum on the front row!

The second half of the show allowed for a degree of audience participation, it turns out there were three of us that were handed envelopes inviting us on stage at some point prior to the show. We had to go on stage and tell our most embarrassing story, and Louise would 'roast' us while we told it! It was so nerve-wracking going on stage in front of hundreds of people. I think I did okay but my leg wouldn't stop shaking the entire time! I told my story about the time I told Tyler Oakley 'I shit myself too' (don't ask), the girl next to me told a story of how she once got in to the wrong car in a supermarket car park, and the boy on the end told about how he once accidentally murdered a guinea pig(!!!) #richardtherodentkiller. 

credit: @rebeccah2003 on twitter

Also in the second half, Louise did her talk on body confidence. I'd seen her do this segment twice before, once in her first Northampton show and also last year in Manchester, but it still got me a bit teary eyed. I think its a really important part of the show and I'm so glad she kept it in this year. I'm looking forward for the DVD particularly for this segment as I feel its such a great message she puts across and I think the message reaching more people would be great.

Towards the end of the show, Louise did a segment on her tales from Suburbia. Honestly this was my favourite part of the show, it had me nearly weeing with laughter! I can't wait to watch it again on DVD. The show ended with two giant glitter cannons going off, which was fab. I want glitter cannons to announce my presence every time I enter a room haha.

Overall I thought the show was brilliant, as I said at the start of this (very long) post, it was clear that a lot of work was done to make the show as slick and professional as possible. They even had a snapchat filter! I also appreciated that she had made the show slightly more adult in nature, so I definitely didn't feel like I was too old to be there (at the ripe old age of 22!!!). I really really hope this becomes an annual project for Louise, I definitely think she could tour it further or with bigger venues next year. 

If you have the opportunity to do so, I would recommend going to see her show. You can still get tickets to Birmingham and London on Ticketmaster I believe. Either that or get the DVD! You won't regret it. You can pre-order the dvd here.

Finally I'd just like to thank Louise, if you happen to read this, for being so lovely yet again when meeting me and inviting me on stage. It really made my day and I will remember it forever. I hope the rest of the tour goes well & hope to see you again soon!



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